I love the postapocalyptic medieval fantasy of the Legend
of Zelda games, but I’d also love to see what Hyrule’s modernity would look
like. Considering that magic exists in Hyrule, and that the royal family
possesses an infinite source of power that can make and destroy entire worlds,
how would an industrial revolution play out there? How would they approach and
develop technology?

And would the modernity of the Gerudo be any different? They
seem to live in close proximity to the ruins of an ancient civilization that created
stunning monumental architecture, presumably using fantastically advanced
technologies. Given that they possess different resources than those that have fostered
and influenced the culture of Hyrule, would the Gerudo perhaps develop a
solarpunk instead of a steampunk society?

The Hyrule of many of the Zelda games seems to be on the
verge of what we think of as modernity, but some sort of conflict always pushes
it back. Is it really Ganondorf or the lingering curse of Demise that’s to
blame, or does the Hylian monarchy actively suppress technological development
in order to reduce the damage caused by armed conflict? If someone from the
Gerudo could be convinced to intervene in Hyrule’s cycle of technological
progress and collapse, might the sort of apocalyptic conflict that always seems
to visit the kingdom be averted?

Exploring mysterious ancient ruins is wonderful,
but I think it would be really cool if the next Zelda game could show us what
the heyday of a diverse and technologically advanced civilization would look
like in Hyrule.