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The Synthetic Dream Foundation – In The Realms Of The Unreal:

      Picturesque Steampunk Sounds


      Amazing Steampunk Composition

Electroacoustic Steampunk Music : Steampunk Music : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive:

      Resplendent Steampunk Musician

Regeneration of the Damned, by The Synthetic Dream Foundation:

      Attracive Steampunk Artist

Steampunk Radio .com ep01 (Steampunk Dance Music):

      Graceful Steampunk Band

Birthing of the Unicorn, by Abandoned Toys:

      Inspired Steampunk Track

Fairy Rings, by Elizabeth Fawn:

      Glorious Steampunk Band

The Salem Witchcraft Trials, by Samantha Bouquin:

      Inspiring Steampunk Song

Lulling Lullaby, by Symfony:

      Attracive Steampunk Artist

Steampunk Neoclassical Darkwave Tea Party:

      Graceful Steampunk Band